The Peace Statue Challenge invites runners, hikers and cyclists to travel any route between the two Peace Statues and submit details of their journey for inclusion on this website. To tell us your stories, just get in touch with us through the contact page on this site and we’ll email you to request your photos. Statue locations are:

Llanberis – Gilfach Ddu, Padarn Country Park, Llanberis LL55 4TY

Treborth – Near Treborth Coastal/Forest Path, Bangor LL57 2RQ

The challenge begins with a moment of silence at the Peace Statue, holding the Peace Torch, and ends in the same way when you reach your destination.

The rules are simple….

*Choose a safe route that suits your fitness and ability
*Check out your route properly before you go and make sure you’ve arranged travel back to your starting point
*Take the kit you need for any conditions you might encounter
*Carry your own food and drink, but don’t dispose of litter on the route
*Be aware of traffic volumes at busy times and plan accordingly
*Use only public roads and public rights of way
*If you’re cycling, ensure your bike & kit, including your lights & helmet, are fit for purpose
*Follow the highway code and take extra care at junctions and road crossings
*Wear your hi-viz kit – be safe, be seen!
*Be considerate of other road and path users and local residents
*The challenge is dedicated to peace – carry peace with you and have a great run/ride/hike!

The statues are approximately 11 miles apart but you can choose any route that begins at one and ends at the other – the distance travelled and the places you visit on the way are up to you!

After completing the challenge, please share with us:

*Your story
*A link to your photos at both statues
*Links to your pages on GPS/Mapping sites so others can see your route

Thanks for taking part in the Peace Statue Challenge!