A little time for reflection and tranquility

We used 4 wheels instead of 2, but were very peaceful throughout! Easy route, lovely roads especially alongside Padarn Lake. Only slightly difficult bit is finding the entrance to the Wales Coast Path once inside Treborth Botanic Garden. It’s opposite the first little car park you come to. Both statue sites are charming, and have a handy bench for a little time for reflection and tranquility. Rather a rare provision today so thanks to both Treborth and Padarn for their offerings. if you’re up for a bit of a day out then both are places of interest – the Botanic Garden is between the 2 bridges over to Anglesey and I want to explore that whole area more. Sitting by the statue and looking over the water to the island, listening to the wind in the trees, is especially magical. Llanberis is full of history and vibrancy and there I especially want to sample the train rides. But again, I found that even though the statue is so close to the car park, and the kids are having noisy fun in the playground close by, still the place is touched with an almost tangible ability to replenish the jaded soul. Glad I did the challenge! Next time will try a longer route but starting and finishing in the same special and unusual way. Magic!

P. E. Cardiff